Wenda KielstraE-mail

+31 – (0)6 – 52684006


Leeuwarden (2004-2008)

Main Knowledge
Consultancy, Training, Consumer Behavior, Ambiance, Revenue


Ask me about
- What you can do to improve the ambiance in your hotel to increase sales (scent, signing, sound, communication)
- Questions concerning (un-)conscious consumer behavior. How do guests act and why do they do it that way?
- How you can adapt on unconscious behavior of your guests in guest interaction + environment

My competences
- Combining retail and hospitality knowledge to create the best ambiance in hospitality + food service + shopss
- My vision: It is nice to make others happy!!
- Specialist in consumer behavior

My passions
- Making every consumer happy!
- Sports (ice skating and rowing)
- Research in consumer behavior

Needs & Wants
- I need a stage :) . I want to tell the story about how we can give consumers a better feeling from entring a store until after leaving. I like to share my story within or outside the Netherlands
- Of course I still have dream clients I want to work for! Do you have a network and can you arrange appointments for me? Or do you have a hotel / restaurant / store / …. please contact me!
- Chains which are willing for research to test if some new developments of me do have positive impact on revenue too

Other Interests
Neuromarketing, Psychology, Hospitality Concepts

Why do I do what I do?
The reason I come out of bed is because I want to make others happy. My work is a small factor in the big world which will create this!

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