Mireille KookeE-mail

+31 – (0)6 24397612


Leeuwarden (2006 – 2011)

Main Knowledge
Change Management, Quality Management

The Netherlands

Ask me about
- Revitalization of care organizations
- Optimalization hospitality organizations

My competences
- Connecting people
- Creative innovation
- Project management & Communication

My passions
- Hospitality and especially food, wine & other refreshments
- Socializing
- Travelling

Needs & Wants
- Contact with experts in concern communication
- Contact with experts in consultancy specialized in the care industry
- Contact with experts in the hospitality branche focused on change maagement and communication

Other Interests
Entrepreneurship, HR, Io Vivat, Golf, Saxophone

Why do I do what I do?
Changing the strategy, culture or operational procedures of an organization is a challenge. Which, if you use the procedure that fits the organization best, creates new opportunities and a positive vibe inside the company.

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