Maarten VooijsE-mail

+31 – (0)6 42 05 60 69


The Hague, Amsterdam Branch (2003 – 2009)

Main Knowledge
Human Development, Business Processes


Ask me about
- Everything you want to know about development of competencies
- Startups and their coaching

My competences
- Bringing people together, creating opportunities.
- To make other people better in what they do
- Business planning and processes

My passions
- Food and drinks
- Socializing
- Gaining knowledge

Needs & Wants
- Contact with experience and mileage for advising the company
- Contact with innovative HR professionals in decision making functions
- Contact with comparable companies in terms of vision

Other Interests
Entrepreneurship, HR, P&O, Recruitment, Opportunities

Why do I do what I do?
The time is now to narrow the generation gap and gain knowledge of the older generation, creating opportunities for young professionals

Social Networks